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How do I get a library card?

Update: We are issuing new library cards while we are closed.

If you would like a library card, please check the guidelines here and then fill out the application here for adults and here for youth (ages 4-18).  

If you have any questions, please email us at (general information) or (youth questions).   


Milan Public Library Card
If you are at least four years old and live in our service area, work full-time in Milan, or own property in Milan, you may get a free library card at our library. Our service area includes the city of Milan, Augusta Township, and the parts of York Township and Pittsfield Township that are in Milan Area Schools.

Milan Public Library Student Card
If you are enrolled in Milan Area Schools in kindergarten through twelfth grade but do not live in our service area, you may get a free student library card at our library.

You may also use your card from other MILibraryCard participating libraries at our library.

Click here for everything you need to know about getting a library card.

Do I need my library card to check out items?

You should have your library card with you to check out items. If you forget your card, you may check out with your photo identification (or a child may have a parent and his or her photo identification.)

If you lose your card, you may purchase a replacement for $2.  A parent or guardian must be present for youth under 18 to receive a replacement card.

Can I access my account online?

You can view your account and reserve and renew items online with your library card number and password. Visit our catalog and your account here.

You may add an email address to your account to receive overdue and reserve notices by email. You may opt to receive weekly emails listing the items you have checked out and their due dates.

What can I check out and for how long?

With a Milan Public Library card, you may check out a total of 30 items per card. Within that total, you may check out:

Checkout limit
Checkout time
Total items
5 per subject
3 weeks
New adult fiction books
2 weeks
3 weeks
Youth magazines           
         3 weeks        
1 week
4 fiction &
4 nonfiction
1 week
1 week
Youth encyclopedia sets
1 week
Jigsaw puzzles
3 weeks
Cake pans
1 week
3 weeks
Mobile hotspot (adult cardholders only)
3 or 7 days

If you are using a MILibraryCard, you may check out a total of 8 items per card including a maximum of:
     6 print items (books, magazines)
     2 audiovisual items (DVDs, CDs, audiobooks)
     2 miscellaneous items (puzzles, cake pans)

If you are using a Milan Public Library Student Card, you may check out a total of 4 items per card including a maximum of:
     3 print items (books, magazines)
     1 audiovisual item (DVD, CD, audiobook)
     1 miscellaneous item (puzzle, cake pan)

Items may be renewed online, by phone, or in person. Items on reserve for another patron may not be renewed.

How do I check out eBooks & eAudiobooks?

You may use your Milan Public Library card to download eBooks and eAudiobooks. See instructions and view the catalog on the downloads page of our website or go directly to the Overdrive catalog.

You may have a total of 8 eBooks or eAudiobooks checked out at one time. They are automatically returned after 14 days or you may return them sooner.

If you are using a MiLibraryCard or a student library card. please check with your home library for eBook and eAudiobook borrowing privileges.

What are the late fees if I don't return an item on time?

A one-day grace period will apply to all items EXCEPT mobile hotspots.  If you return an item one day late, there will be no fine.  If you return an item two or more days late, fines apply for each day the item is late.

Late fees on items borrowed from our library are:
$1 per day on DVDs, cake pans, and Launchpads
$3 per day on mobile hotspots
20¢ per day on all other items
$10 maximum on each item

Late fees on items borrowed through MeLCat are:
$1 per day on DVDs and videos
50¢ per day on all other items 
$25 maximum on each item

Borrowing privileges are blocked if fines on an account are $10 or more.

Can I reserve an item if it is checked out?

You may reserve items that are currently checked out and will be notified when they are available.

Fiction DVDs and mobile hotspots will be held for 24 hours. All other items are held for 7 days. 

What can I do if the library doesn't own an item?

Check our catalog first. If we don't have an item, you have three options.

MeLCat Interlibrary Loan
Items may be available from another library through MeLCat. To request an item, ask at the reference desk or see the MeLCat catalog. A Milan Public Library card is required to use this service at our library. Items requested usually arrive at our library in about one to two weeks.

MILibrary Card
You may check out items in person from other libraries that participate in the MILibrary card program. Ask us for a MILibrary card sticker on your library card to use your card at other participating libraries.

You may submit a suggestion for purchase to the library. You may fill out a suggestion form in the library (on the desk by the card catalog computers), email your request to us at, or fill out this form for youth item suggestions. We will consider these suggestions when ordering items for our library.

What else can I do with my library card?

MeL Databases

View the MeL Databases to access information for school research or personal interest. View animated picture books, read newspaper and magazine articles, view or listen to multimedia reports, see photos, and more. You may search any database or select “kids” or “teens” near the bottom of the page to view databases relevant to you. You will need to enter your library card number (or a Michigan drivers license number) to access the databases from home.  You may access them directly from computers in the library.

Michigan Activity Passes

You may use your library card to check out free or reduced admission passes to museums, state parks, and other cultural institutions through the Michigan Activity Pass program. 

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