Saturday, August 8, 2015

Touch a Truck

Touch a Truck
by Sarah Knechtel

On July 10, kids from all over Milan came to explore and learn about different jobs and vehicles. 

Huron Valley Ambulance, Milan Area Fire Department, Milan Department of Public Works, Milan Police Department, Milan Post Office, Milan Seniors for Healthy Living, Monroe County Farm Bureau, Kiser Farms (Ricky and Janice Kiger), the Monroe County Chapter of the American Red Cross, UPS, and the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office all came to Milan to teach kids about their jobs. Children were able to talk to different people from our community's organizations, learn about their jobs, and even sit in the vehicles. 

 “My goal is to make customers happy,” states Debra Doss who works for the U.S. Post Office. “The best part of my job is all of the people I get to meet,” says UPS worker Scott Watson. “I enforce laws to keep people safe,” states Jessica Wion, a Washtenaw County Sheriff. 

About 180 children came to this event, not including adults. Kids were fascinated to sit in and touch the vehicles, meet the people, and learn about the jobs they do. 

These jobs all help our community in some way. Whether they keep people safe or make people smile, these jobs are all important.

Library's note: 
See photos from the event here.
Thank you to everyone who participated:
City of Milan
Huron Valley Ambulance
Milan Area Fire Department
Milan Department of Public Works
Milan Police Department
Milan Post Office
Milan Seniors for Healthy Living
Monroe County Farm Bureau, Kiser Farms (Ricky and Janice Kiger)
Monroe County Chapter of the American Red Cross
Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office

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