Friday, March 1, 2019

Read Aloud 21-Day Challenge

The Read Aloud 15 Minutes National Campaign is issuing a 21-day Read Aloud challenge this month during National Reading Month.

Reading with your child introduces them to new words and concepts, builds early literacy skills which contribute to future reading success, inspires curiosity and imagination, creates positive feelings about reading, provides bonding experiences between parents/caregivers and children, and so much more.

It takes 21 days to form a habit.  The 21-day Read Aloud challenge encourages you to make reading a habit.  Start today or any day this month and read aloud with your child 15 minutes every day for 21 days - and then keep going!

Read anything you'd like - books or magazines, fiction or nonfiction, a new book each day or the same day multiple times each day!  Just read aloud with your child every day.

You can keep it simple and mark each day that you read on the tracker below or try some new things with calendar of activity suggestions.

See more information on Read Aloud's website here and download resources below to track your reading and see ideas for each day.

21-day Challenge Tracker

21-day Challenge Calendar of Activity Suggestions

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