Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Miss Ashley's Letter from Pennsylvania

(Start here for the story of our traveling pigs.)

Miss Ashley is still traveling, but she took time to write Lauren a letter from Pennsylvania. Thank you to Lauren's Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Bill for taking her with you on your trip. It sounds like she is having a lot of fun!

Hi Lauren Bancroft,
I am sooo glad Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Bill took me on vacation with
them. I wish you were here though, I sure do miss you! I am hanging out at
the farm in Holbrook, Pennsylvania. It is in southwest Pa. Everyone here
likes the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pirates and Penguins. Grandma has
played hard with me and we are having lots of fun! Grandpa and grandma
and Coulton and I read stories and played. I went crawfish hunting in the
creek with Miss Becky and Miss Meadow. I ended up swimming, oops, but I'm
ok, don’t worry I didn't even get my face wet. You will have to teach me
how to get my face wet in the pool when I get home. We helped Aunt Bridget
wash her car; I am really having fun with water. Grandma took pictures of
me and Miss Becky making funny faces at one of the toll plazas in Ohio. I
found time for Piggy Pa and I to celebrate grandma’s 59th birthday hehehe
don't tell her I told you how old she is. I will be hanging out with Piggy
Pa on our way to Williamsport, New Hampshire, and Maryland. Stay tuned.
More to come.
Gotta go now......
Miss Ashley

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