Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Piggy Pa's Letter from Pennsylvania

(Start here for the story of our traveling pigs.)

Piggy Pa is still traveling, but took time to write Alex a letter. Thank you to Alex's Grandpa Bill and Grandma Sherry for taking him to so many places. It looks like he is having fun helping on the farm!

Hi Alex Bancroft
Wow I have been soooo busy on my vacation with grandpa Bill and Grandma
Sherry. We are in Pennsylvania. I have spent a lot of the time in Aleppo,
Pa. It is in South Western Pa. I get to help grandpa with all of his heavy
equipment as he is fixing up an old farm for hunting and camping. They have
about 70 acres. I helped with the dozer grading the land and with the
backhoe cleaning up and digging. I got to play on uncle Marty's boat. I
made time to hang out with Uncle Marty, Aunt Bridget and cousin Colton. We
had a Birthday party for Grandma Sherry with Ice Cream Cake for all yeah!
And I even ate some for you too Alex!!!!! I am off now to Williamsport, Pa.
where the little league baseball World Series is held. Then off to New
Hampshire to Uncle Bill’s And Aunt Ang's, then to Maryland to see Uncle
Steve and Aunt Jen along with cousin's Nina, Taylor, and Kennedy……………so
more updates to come.
I’ll be home soon,
Piggy Pa

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