Thursday, March 19, 2020

Screen-free Things to do at Home

Are you looking for screen-free things for your children to do while they're home?  Here are some of our suggestions.

See printable coloring pages, activities, and story starters here.
See online resources here.

Architecture From Home

The architecture studio Foster & Partners has created templates for skyscrapers, cities, and more.  You can download the templates here to start making your own creations.

image source:

30 Day Lego Challenge


Neighborhood Window Walk

We saw this on The True Friends of Milan Facebook page.  It suggests posting the featured item in a window that is visible to others walking by.  You can draw it, print it out, or create it any way you want.  Then go for a walk and see how many you can spot. 
image source: smartieandsteveo on Instagram

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

source: South Brunswick Public Library

Indoor Scavenger Hunt
source: South Brunswick Public Library

TALK: Text and Learn for Kindergarten

TALK provides ideas for activities you can do with your baby, toddler, or preschooler to encourage learning.  These activities can be done with no supplies or with things usually found in your house already.  You can sign up to receive texts and see some of the recent ideas and other resources here.  

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Write each letter of the alphabet on a sticky note or any piece of paper. Ask your child to find something in the house that starts with each letter.  See ideas for each letter, if you get stuck on one, here.  

Additional ideas

Go for a walk outside
Read a book
Write and illustrate a story
Play I-Spy
Play charades
Play board games
Play card games
Play music and sing
Make up your own song
Play music and dance
Play with your pet(s)
Play outside
Tell a joke
Look at old pictures
Tell stories of past events
Make up a story together - each person can add a sentence or two
Cook something together
Write a letter to a friend or family member
Color or draw a picture
Rearrange the furniture in a room
Build a blanket tent and read or play inside
Make shadow puppets with a flashlight
Read somewhere unusual - under the table, in a closet, somewhere fun!
Read to someone or something - a family member, a pet, a stuffed animal
Write in a journal
Go for a bike ride
Collect some leaves and make art from leaf rubbings
Make a craft project
Play an instrument, if you have one
Create and play an instrument (secure rice in a paper towel tube for a shaker, turn a container upside down for a drum, get creative!)
Lie on the ground outside and look at the clouds - talk about what they look like
Lie on the ground outside and night and look at the stars
Have a "fancy" meal - bring out the special glasses and plates!
Do a good deed for someone
Learn a new word and see how often you can use it in conversation

Activity Bingo

To make it more fun, create a bingo board of activities and mark them off as you complete them.  Here are templates - editable word document or pdf (print and fill in) - or you can make your own on any piece of paper.


Additional resources:

Online reading, learning, and fun resources
Printable activity pages, story starters and more
Screen-free things to do at home
Resources about COVID-19 - books for children, journal pages, tips for talking with your child


Share a Smile - Share artwork and letters with Meals on Wheels recipients.
Share Your Story - Share your experiences and daily life during this pandemic.
Poetry Month - Write a poem to add to our Poetree.

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