Monday, April 6, 2020

Share Your Story

We are all living through an unusual time.  The current pandemic affects all of us, and each of us in a different way.

Our library would like to collect a local account of this time.  We invite you to send us anything you'd like to share - photographs, drawings, writings - anything that shares what your experience and daily life now is like.

We plan to compile your submissions into a collection to have in the library.  Our community will have access to this account now - and when this is history, our future community will be able to read first-hand accounts of our experiences.

Here are a few writing prompts for children, if you'd like to use them.  You can also write and/or draw anything in any format.

If you need ideas, here are a few suggestions:
What did you do today that you wouldn't have done on a "normal" day?
What did you not do today that you would have done on a "normal" day?
What do you miss about school or work?
What do you like or not like about being home and away from school or work?
How are you keeping in touch with family and friends while you can't visit them in person?
Have you done something to help someone else?
Has someone done something to help you?
Have you missed an event during this time?
What are you looking forward to doing after we return to "normal."

You can submit information to us:
  • here - A Gmail account is required. You'll upload your submission directly on that page.
  • Email us at and then complete this form.
  • Bring information to the library once we reopen.  We can scan your documents if you'd like to keep the originals.

We look forward to seeing what you share.

A separate project:
The Library of Michigan is also collecting information through their COVID-19: Save Your Story project in collaboration with the Historical Society of Michigan.  If you are interested in participating in their project, you can see details are here.  (Please share with us, too!)


Additional resources:

Online reading, learning, and fun resources
Printable activity pages, story starters and more
Screen-free things to do at home
Resources about COVID-19 - books for children, journal pages, tips for talking with your child


Share a Smile - Share artwork and letters with Meals on Wheels recipients.
Share Your Story - Share your experiences and daily life during this pandemic.
Poetry Month - Write a poem to add to our Poetree.

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