Thursday, April 23, 2020

Storytime at Home: V is for . . .

We've been reading through the alphabet this year in Storytime.  Since we won't be able to meet in person for a while, here are some ideas for you to continue with the alphabet at home.

There are more choices than we'd use in one Storytime.  You can choose what you want to do and skip the rest - or spread out the activities over multiple times.

You can see Storytime at Home for T here and for U here.

The letter V

You can write the letters V and v on paper for your child to see.

Here is the letter u in sign language:

And the entire alphabet:


  • The Alphabet Song

  • We Clap and Say Hello

    We clap and say hello.
    We clap and say hello.
    With our friends in Storytime,
    We clap and say hello.

    You can change the third line to: "With our family in our house" to better fit the situation, if you prefer.

    Take turns choosing activities with your child: jump, spin, dance, . . . anything you want!

  • Silly Dance Contest
    recorded during a live concert here (some verses different from our CD)
    CD version here

  • Shake Your Sillies Out
    by the Wiggles on YouTube here

  • Victor Vito
    by Laurie Berkner on YouTube here


You can look through your books at home for things that start with V and read some of those with your child.  Vehicle, vegetable, violin, veterinarian, volcano, vacuum, vote, vacation, van, and velociraptor are some of the words you might find in your books.

Here are some online options:

PAR-TAY!: Dance of the Veggies (And Their Friends)
Click here and then in the left column click on pdf full text to read the book.

The following books are available through Capstone Interactive eBooks.  You can find their website here or click on any title below to go to that title, then login with:
Username: continue
Password: reading

After reading a book, you can click on the x in the LOWER LEFT corner, to exit that book and return to the Capstone Interactive page to read more books, if you choose. You can search for books in the orange/brown-ish search box on the right side near the top.

Rocky and Daisy Wash the Van – They also vacuum the van.

You can also search for vehicles on the Capstone site to find several other books about vehicles.

Velociraptors shorter, 1 sentence per page
Velociraptor – longer, but ok for older preschoolers if they are interested

Volcanoes - longer, but ok for older preschoolers if they are interested

There are 2 books on veterinarians.  Neither one is exactly what I was looking for, but you can take a look and see if your child would be interested.
Veterinarians - longer


Vegetable garden
Your child can draw draw dirt on paper - giving room for some vegetables to grow under the ground and some above.  You can print these vegetables or draw your own.

U page for alphabet books:  
V page here and V pictures here

Additional activities

Scavenger hunt:
Go on a scavenger hunt in your house or yard.  You can look for things that start with the letter V and/or look for the letter V written on packages, book titles, artwork in your house, etc.  See how many you can find.  Some ideas: van, vegetables, vine, vest, vase, vacuum, vowels.

Create a vehicle:
If you've had any large packages delivered, the empty boxes make great vehicles.  Cut the top flaps off and your child can decorate the outside as any vehicle they choose.  Paper plates make good steering wheels and tires. No large boxes?  A laundry basket can work, too.  Give your child a paper plate steering wheel, and you're all set.  Your child can pretend to drive. 

Create a volcano:
See instructions here.


Additional resources:

Online reading, learning, and fun resources
Printable activity pages, story starters and more
Screen-free things to do at home
Resources about COVID-19 - books for children, journal pages, tips for talking with your child


Share a Smile - Share artwork and letters with Meals on Wheels recipients.
Share Your Story - Share your experiences and daily life during this pandemic.
Poetry Month - Write a poem to add to our Poetree.

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