Sunday, April 19, 2020

National Library Week

We are celebrating National Library Week very differently this year.  Instead of being together at the library, we invite you to explore the library from your home.  

Our library provides you with FREE access to ebooks, eaudiobooks, online learning opportunities, virtual programs, and more.  We also have compiled additional free educational and entertainment resources from other reputable sources for your consideration. 

Children can explore our options with this bingo board and win a prize for participating.  

(Our TNT (Teen and Tween, 6th - 12th grade) bingo page is here.)

National Library Week BINGO
Share Your Story:
Share your experience during this time at home. Details here.
Color a coloring page,
do an activity page, or try anything else from this list.
Read or listen to any book or part of a book.
Visit a museum
virtually here.
Do something kind for someone else.
Read somewhere you don’t usually read -  in a blanket fort, under a table, outside, or anywhere you choose.
Write a book review.  It can be just one sentence or as much as you want to write.  Details here.
Play a game: I Spy,
charades, a board game, a card game, or anything you choose.
Share a Smile:
Write a letter or draw a picture to share with someone who receives Meals on Wheels. Details here.
Watch an live event or video of an author or illustrator, or an actor or astronaut reading a book.  Details here.
Tell someone about a book you have read or are reading.
Read or listen to an ebook or eaudiobook. Details here.
Your Choice:
Choose something you like on this bingo board and do it again.
Create a comic, write a story, or try anything else from this list.
Observe the animals and plants you see and hear outside. Learn more about one. Details here.
Create something -
a drawing, a story, a photograph, a song, a LEGO creation, origami, or anything you choose.
Visit a zoo, aquarium, or aviary virtually here.
Write a letter or draw a picture for a friend or family member.
Read a poem. Details here.
Read to someone else - a family member, friend (virtually), pet, or stuffed animal.
Learn something new that interests you.  Details here.
Go on a scavenger hunt or try anything else from the list of ideas here.
Write a poem, and share it with us to add to our Poetree, if you choose. Details here.
Watch our Stay-at-Home Story Night or attend a virtual library program or read any book.
Details here.
Draw a picture about a book you have read.

You can:
- print the bingo page here (with color header and instructions)
- print the bingo page here (printer friendly black & white)
- save one of these images to your device 

with heading and instructions
just Bingo page

Then mark off the activities you do, and email the image or a picture of your paper copy to  

Complete one bingo to receive a free book after we reopen.  Complete additional bingos (2, 4, 6, and full card) to enter a prize drawing for a gift card to a local business or bookstore.  

We'll draw names for the prize drawing on Monday, May 4, so please submit your entries by Sunday, May 3.

If one (or more) of the bingo squares doesn't work for your child, you can choose any other activity on the page instead.  

If you have any questions, please email Jennifer at

Activity Details:

Most of the activities on the bingo page are already on our blog.  The links on each square will take you to those details. 

Here is more information about the items that don't already have a page.

Write something about a book you have read.  It can be one sentence or as long as you want it to be. Tell if you liked the book or not and why you liked or didn't like it.  You can write anything else you would like. Younger children can tell an adult and/or draw a picture. Adults can talk with babies and young toddlers about the book. Anyone can talk/write/draw about what they think of a book. If you would like to share your review with us, we will post them online and in the library when we reopen. If you want to share it, you can email it to Jennifer at  Please include how you would like your child to be credited: first name and age, just age, or neither (anonymous). 

Animals and Plants:
Go outside - or watch and listen through a window - and see how many animals and plants you see. Notice what they look like, what they sound like, and what they are doing.  Pick one that interests you and learn more about it using any books you have at home or any of these resources: 

Britannica School Elementary (available through MeL)
EBSCO eBook K-8 Collection (available through MeL)
PebbleGo (available through MeL)
World Book Kids (available through MeL)
Michigan Department of Natural Resources - Learn about Michigan's Species
Michigan Department of Natural Resources - Attracting Frogs and Toads
Michigan Department of Natural Resources - Bird and other Wildlife Feeders

The following have fiction and nonfiction books. You may find the animal or plant you're looking for:

Learn Something New:
Use any of our resources or the resources we have shared from others to learn something new.
Learn how to draw something from an author/illustrator video here or a drawing page here.
- Explore World Book Kids, PebbleGo, or any other resource on MeL Kids
- Watch or try a science activity here
- Write a poem. Try a type you haven't written before. Details here.
- Download an ebook or eaudiobook here
- Or try any other activity or resource on our blog:
          Online reading, learning, and fun resources
          Printable activity pages, story starters and more
          Screen-free things to do at home

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