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Take-and-make Crafts and Summer Reading Prize Pickup

Update: These crafts have already been distributed. Check back for the next set of crafts which will be available to request beginning on August 17 and to pick up the week of August 24.

If you have any questions about this set or future sets, please let us know at

Additional information about this set:

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

This activity contains a booklet of the story that you can color and the pieces you'll need to retell the story.

See a video of Ms. Jennifer reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff here and see a video explaining how to make the project here.  

The password to view the videos is the first 5 digits of your Milan library card followed by -goats
(#####-goats). If you do not have a Milan library card (or don't know where it is), email us at for the password.

All About Me

This activity will tie into the theme for Storytime on 8/14 and Adventurers on 8/19.  If you would like to attend either and haven't registered, please email us at and we'll send you the Zoom information.

This activity includes an outline of a person.  We will complete these to look like ourselves in Adventurers.  If you attend Adventurers, please have that page and markers, crayons, or colored pencils with you. If your child wants to make theirs early, that's OK!  They can bring them to the event to show us - or not - their choice!  I'll mention them in Storytime, but we won't make them during our Zoom event.. Storytime children can make them after the event.  

If you're creating on your own, your child can decorate the person to represent themselves.  You can talk about hair color and length, eye color, things they like to wear, and other characteristics that can be seen - and add these features to the outline.  You can also talk about how who we are is more than just what can be seen.  What do they like to do?  What is their personality like? What other characteristics do they have (compassionate, quiet, loud, funny,  etc.)  How can you represent those characteristics in their image (add sports equipment, a heart, etc.).  Your conversations and their drawings can be as simple or as complex as is best for your child.  

You can then cut it out and use it as a bookmark or hang it on the refrigerator or a bulletin board - or leave it as a full page if you've added more details around the person.  

There is also an All About Me booklet for your child to fill in.


A tangram is a traditional Chinese puzzle made of seven pieces (one parallelogram, one square and five triangles) that can be arranged to match particular designs.

You'll cut out the pieces you received and can color them, if you'd like.  

Can you use your seven pieces to create the images in the pictures that were included with your tangram?  You can rotate and turn over each shape. If it's not working one way, try other positions for the shapes. 

Younger children received images to create that had each shape visible.  Older children received mages with the outline of an object, so they will determine which shape needs to go where. If you'd like the other set, let us know and we'll get them to you.

Younger children:

Youngest children or anyone just starting can lay their tangram pieces directly on the shapes in the images.

Ready for a little more of a challenge? Try to create the image right next to the paper instead of on top of the image. 

Older children:

You'll have outlines of images.  Try to create the images with your shapes.  Remember you can turn each shape around and turn them over.  If they don't fit one way, try other ways.  

Ready for more of a challenge?  Can you create the letters in your name?  Remember you should use all seven shapes to make an image.  Can you find a way to create each letter using all seven?


You had two options for dragons: a cardboard tube dragon and a pipe cleaner dragon.  Both were part of our Weekly Challenge this week, which was to create a dragon and a dragon's lair.  You can see more about the Weekly Challenge here

Dragon Option #1 (cardboard tube dragon)

Here's a video showing how you can help your dragon fly on the yarn.

If you’re using a paper towel tube to make your dragon, cut it so one piece is 4 inches long. If you requested a tube, it's in your bag.

To make your dragon:

1. Cut out the head, wings, and tail.  

2. Draw a face on the head.

3. The rectangle will be the body.  You can decorate it if you want to. 

4. Put glue on the back of the rectangular paper.  Make sure you get glue on the edges.  

5. Wrap the paper around the cardboard tube.  Hold it on and count to 30.  

6. Glue on the head, wings, and tail.

7. Give your dragon a little time to dry.

8. Put both pieces of yarn through the inside of the tube.  Someone else can hold one end or you can tie one end to something that won’t move.

9. Move the dragon to your end of the yarn.  Hold one piece of yarn in each hand and hold both hands close together.  Then quickly move your hands away from each other to spread out the yarn and then bring your hands back together.  This will send your dragon flying across the yarn.

Dragon option #2 - (pipe cleaner dragon)

First, I'm sorry I neglected to include glue dots in your kit. A glue gun, craft glue, or Elmer's-type glue (and holding or propping the piece in place until it dries a little) will all work.  The eyes are peel-and-stick, but may need reinforcement on the fuzzy pipe cleaner.  If you'd like to pick up glue dots from the library, let me know and I'll leave some for you to pick up.

 Here is an example and some suggestions for making a dragon with pipe cleaners.  You can make your dragon however you would like!

You can make the head by forming the pipe cleaner in a circle and using part of that pipe cleaner as the neck to attach to the body.

You can use a craft stick to give the body shape and wrap another pipe cleaner around the neck and the craft stick for the body.

You can make wings, feet, and anything else your dragon needs out of the foam. 

Paper Plate Maze

Use the paper strips to make a maze for your marble or pom-pom.  Make sure there’s enough room under the arch of the paper for your marble or pom-pom to roll under.  You can make the arches smaller to make your maze more challenging and put them in any design you choose.


We are offering take-and-make crafts for you to pick up from the library and take home to make.

Choices this week are:
- 3 Billy Goats Gruff craft and story booklet
- All About Me project
- Tangrams
 - Dragon craft - 2 options, one for younger, one for older children. You can request either or both.
- Paper plate maze

Please fill out the form here. We will make just enough kits to fill the requests on that form, so make sure you fill out the form if you want to pick up crafts.

Links to videos and additional information about the projects will be available here beginning on Thursday.


You can pick up crafts and Summer Reading Prizes on:

Thursday, August 13: 2:00 - 3:00
Thursday, August 13: 5:00-6:00
During those times, we will be outside the library with the crafts and prizes. Stop by any time during those two hours to pick up your items.

If you cannot come during either of those times, you may come by:
Thursday, August 13: 3:00 - 5:00 and 6:00 - 6:30
Call when you arrive and we will bring your items out to you.

If you cannot come during any of those times, please let us know on the form (here) or by email ( and we'll work out a time for you to pick them up.

Summer Reading Prizes:

If you are only picking up Summer Reading prizes, make sure you have told us your choice on this form and then stop by during any of the times listed above.


If you would like to pick up craft kits to take home and make, p
lease fill out the form here.

Additional Information:

More information about our Summer Reading Program is here:
Children's Summer Reading Program

TNT Summer Reading Program

If you have any questions, please email us at

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