Monday, August 3, 2020

Weekly Challenge 8: Recreate a book cover

Your challenge this week is to use items you have at your house to recreate the image on a book cover. 

You can recreate the cover of a book you have at your house, a book you've checked out from the library, or a book you've seen anywhere else. You can dress up like a character on the cover, recruit your pet or stuffed animal if an animal is on the cover, or recreate any other image from the cover with supplies you have around your house.

Thank you, Franklin, for the example!

We'd like to see your recreations. If you'd like to share yours, you will get an entry in our Summer Reading Program prize drawing. You can email it to or post it as a comment here.  We manually approve comments to prevent spam, so it won't show up on the page right away, but will be posted when we approve it.

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