Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rose's Trip to Pennsylvania

(If you don't know about our traveling pigs, start here.)

Rose has returned from vacation in Pennsylvania. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. O'Vell, for hosting her and showing her so many things while she was visiting you. It looks like she learned a lot about the animals in Pennsylvania.

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At Parker Dam:

At Vacation Bible School - Panda Mania - God is Wild About You

Whippoorwill Hollow, our little cabin. We had to put siding on it because the porcupines kept chewing on the lumber.

The outhouse and the view from the porch:

An elk fawn:

Grandpa holds Rose up for a closer look at the elk.

Mr. Bear, what big teeth you have!

Albino deer characterized by white hair and red pupils. A turkey keeps him company.

Elk antlers are shed each spring when the new ones begin to grow. People follow the elk for days waiting for the antlers to fall off. They are quite a treasure. Elk antlers grow an inch a day.
Elk antlers:

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