Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pigs at the Library

(If you don't know about our traveling pigs, start here.)

Penelope and Peter Pig have been visiting the library. They have read a lot of fun books.

During World Travelers today, they watched a DVD about Kenya. Their favorite parts were the dancers and the animals on the safari. They think John should have some pigs on his farm, too! They also enjoyed watching the children dance to Pata Pata.

Penelope is showing Peter where we are in Michigan, and Peter is showing Penelope where Kenya is.

Other pigs who stayed in Milan are getting to know their human friends. One of our pigs had a busy day today. She went shopping, ate out, and attended this week's World Travelers program. Another pig has had a quiet week at home; we think she's sneaking peeks at the TV!

What are your pigs doing?

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