Monday, June 22, 2020

Weekly Challenge 2: Share Your Story

This week’s challenge is to Share Your Story.

The past few months have been unusual for all of us. School buildings closed. Many businesses closed. We have done school and work from home.  Activities and events have been canceled. Being home all the time may have inspired you to get creative and find new things to do that you wouldn’t have usually done.

We invite you to share your story with us.  We will compile these stories into a book at the library. 

You can send us anything you'd like to share - photographs, drawings, writings - anything that shares your experience and daily life during the pandemic.

If you need ideas, here are a few suggestions:

What did you do that you wouldn't have done on a "normal" day?
What did you not do that you would have done on a "normal" day?
What do you like or not like about being home instead of at school?
How are you keeping in touch with family and friends while you can't visit them in person?
Have you done something to help someone else?
Has someone done something to help you?
Have you missed an event during this time?
Did you celebrate a birthday in a different way?

What are you looking forward to doing after we return to "normal?"
What will you keep doing even after we return to "normal?"

The following two resources provide additional ideas – either for Share Your Story or just for yourself.

My Covid-19 Time Capsule
Long Creations
Journal-type pages for children to document this time.

My Lockdown Diary
by Stephen McCarthy
Prompts for writing and drawing during this time of no school and social distancing.

You can send information to us for our Share Your Story book
  • here - A Gmail account is required. You'll upload your submission directly on that page.
  • Email us at and then complete this form.
  • Bring information to the library once we reopen.  We can scan your documents if you'd like to keep the originals.

As a thank you for participating, one person who shares their story will win a gift card to a Milan business. Since this challenge is a little bigger than our usual weekly challenges, we’ll give you some extra time and have the drawing on July 15. 

We hope you enjoy this challenge.  We look forward to seeing your stories!

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