Monday, June 18, 2012

Additions to our Children's Area

We have recently added a few new items to our children's area. 

A grant from The Greater Milan Area Community Foundation has provided an interactive globe and a new set of puzzles.

You can explore the world and constellations through a variety of activities on the globe.  You can learn about the population, area, national anthem, and language of each country and then see how many countries you can identify.

Our new set of puzzles features a letter of the alphabet on each puzzle.  You can discuss the letters and familiar objects that start with each letter as you enjoy putting the puzzles together.

We appreciate The Greater Milan Area Community Foundation for the grant which allowed us to provide these new opportunities in our library.

We have also added a cart for books and movies you've decided not to check out.  Putting items on this reshelving cart will help keep our children's area tidy and ready for others to use.  This cart was funded by the Mohr Walls Endowment.  Thank you to everyone who contributes to this fund. 

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